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​ Photo courtesy of Matt Skinner/Lights Out Photography​​
Well, here you are reading a Bio on some photographer you’ve probably never heard of before, wondering who this guy is and why he can’t leave the house without thirty pounds of camera gear in tow. This same nut who spends eight to ten hours knee deep in snow, alone in minus temperatures, in total darkness waiting for the Northern Lights to spark while fending off a curious pack of wolves.

That guy who prefers to wet a fly on small quiet streams 100 miles from nowhere.

That guy who enjoys preparing gourmet meals most days of the week and can’t fire up the meat smoker often enough.

Well, that guy is me, Eddie Fisher, just one of hundreds if not thousands of photographers who live here in Alaska. father of two sons, papa to ten grandchildren and husband to my beautiful and amazing wife Ronda.

Our adventure started in 2006 when we thought we would try something new. The Northland called to us, packed everything we owned into a 26’ U-Haul, moved to Alaska and haven’t looked back. Over a decade now and have still barely scratched the surface of what this amazing state has to offer with so much more to see and do. The Opportunities are endless here much like the limitless boundaries of one’s own imagination. Dream it, imagine it and live it.

My photos are just a hint to what one can see and experience here in The Great Land. Each new day offers up something inspiring, something fresh and new to photograph. From brown bear, moose and dall sheep to pika, wildflowers and the majestic bald eagle. The night skies clear of smog and light pollution offer up an amazing view of Constellations, the Milky Way galaxy and of course the Aurora Borealis.

My photography adventure started as a young boy when my Grandmother gave me a small Brownie camera and from that moment on I was hooked. I hope that my photography inspires you and I hope that this gives you a hint into the mindset of not only just another Alaskan photographer, but someone who is passionate about the great outdoors and truly enjoys his work.

And remember, the point of a journey is not to arrive.

Eddie Fisher
Eddie Fisher Outdoor Photography